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My work simultaneously brings awareness to the history and potential of spaces, while illuminating the chaotic relationships between the seen and unseen elements that constitute those spaces. When looking at the landscape I witness the growth and decay of a unique set of objects that generally and individually comply with the laws of nature but also interact with each other. For myself, the familiar actions and processes have taken on a symbolic meaning as they unfurl in the environment of a landscape. Wind currents carrying spores from a decaying marsh eludes to the entropy of particles. The plotting of a bird's ascension into and across the sky becomes a verification of times continuation. The layered surface of plotted numbers, charts and maps grow to be an omniscient cartography of the landscape, containing elements of the past and the potential of what is to come.

There are a set of objects and processes that we are familiar with, but largely we are surrounded by and even comprised of a chaos that we do not understand. As one leisurely walks down a street they would find it impossible to contemplate the innumerable atomic transactions taking place, which allow them to be present in that moment. The transactions are layered; they exist on multiple levels and are altogether too great for us to grasp. So, we float. Generally, we move through space not knowing how we do it. There exists a mental disconnect between one's mind, their body and their surroundings.

I start each work with a random or chaotic gesture, underscoring the structure of nature, and proceed to develop the relationships between objects and processes. The idea of action/reaction is central to the process of my work. The development and definition of the landscape is a result of If/Then questions I ask as I am creating the surface. A marsh decaying produces new substances and energy in the form of heat, which then causes air currents to alter effecting decay rates slightly and so on ad infinitum. The string of interconnected processes continues to evolve until there seems to be a resolution or understanding of what exists.

Gregory Euclide
Gregory Euclide

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