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Though science endlessly seeks to bring all things under human understanding and control in the humdrum cadence of modern life, the surreal seeps in around the edges of day-to-day reality and new mysteries are continually uncovered behind each discovery. I find this persistence of mystery comforting, even elating. The medium of painting allows me to slow down and indulge this fascination with the natural world, with biology and self-consciousness. Working figuratively from a diverse array of sources, from old geology and oceanography books found yellowing in thrift stores to slick advertisements for libido-enhancing medications, I select, arrange, and re-contextualize these images. The associations each holds independently are allowed to spill into each other and create weird, sometimes humorous new narratives in which old confronts new, poised at the edge where the familiar gives way to as yet uncharted territories, and people struggle to connect with one another.

Emmy Lingscheit
Emmy Lingscheit

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Adsoka values creativity and celebrates its positive influences in the community and beyond. Art at Adsoka is a way we express our support for the arts in the Twin Cities.

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