Privacy Policy  

Adsoka, Inc. respects your privacy and wants to make sure you feel comfortable about what we gather and how we use the information. First, we only store personal information that you have volunteered—if you want to know what we know, just give us a call!

We do believe in the power of online communications and want to leverage what you tell us to enhance our messaging. We track statistical information about our site and based on this information, change content. We also send periodic messages out to you (if you have agreed to accept such message) and track the response to these messages. Our main concern is that we send relevant information with appropriate frequency. If you think we are communicating too often or that our content isn't of interest, please let us know and we will work to resolve it for you—including removing your data if requested.

Three other important notes:

  1. We do not share or sell your information. The information you give us will only be used by Adsoka, Inc. Use is limited to business purposes that serve to inform you about Adsoka, Inc. specifically and our industry in general.
  2. Only the employees of Adsoka and, at times, subcontracted experts will have access to your information. We make every attempt to limit access to specific individual data.
  3. We do not knowingly collect information from children younger than 13. While our communications remain on point regarding marketing, design and communications, we recognize the goal of the 1998 federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. If any child has provided any personally identifiable information, a parent or guardian should call us. We will delete that information.